Boston Badminton

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Boston Badminton Construction Pics

Boston Badminton was built as a premier Club to promote the growth of badminton in the Greater Boston area through a world class 8 court facility, training program and tournaments.

One of the most memorable and rewarding time of my life was during the years spent teaching and advising students.  We worked hard on high goals and had fun together.  We organized the group to make a lasting positive impact on the community.  In recent years, I have become more involved in various badminton related activities.  I continue to believe that the youth is the hope to a brighter future.  Their development has a multiplier effect.   So I dreamed up BOSTON BADMINTON to provide the platform for the young to develop the highest skills in badminton as well as sportsmanship, honesty and community involvement.  For adults, BOSTON BADMINTON will be a fun place for a lifetime of healthy living.
Yvonne Chern
Founder and Manager